MBA program in Cairo

CBU’s MBA program in Cairo

Top-notch faculty from Canada and Egypt will oversee the delivery of CBU’s MBA program in Cairo. Most importantly, graduates of the program will be issued an MBA degree from CBU. 

To accommodate the busy schedules of managers and businessmen, the program is tailored for part time commitment, to be completed within a 2-year timeframe.   


Top 5 reasons to choose CBU

  • Internationally recognized MBA degree from Cape Breton University (CBU).
  • Register at CBU in Canada, study in Cairo.  Students are also entitled to continue their courses in Canada at any point of the program.
  • Program offers two fast growing majors: International Business and Strategic Leadership.  
  • Program prepares graduates for careers in business and management, and for further studies in Ph.D. programs. 
  • Offered in four different Canadian Provinces. Over 175 students to date.

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